Ostsee Beach

Ostsee Bad, Boltenhagen


Ostsee, Boltenhagen, Beach,

because it´s sometimes a very windy place, you can rent those seats for protection and having a comfortable day during your staying at the beach.

Landscape in Winter Part 5

This is one of my favorite pictures. Because the view through my front window of my train is amazing. Picture shot with a Nokia Lumia.


Nice landscape in  the Southwest of Germany, in the last days of 2014. Fog over the tracks and a deep blue sky.

Landscape in Winter Part 4

Landscape in Winter, Part 4, shot from the engineer train through the front window of his train with a Lumia.


I had a break and made this photo from that train. The same class i am driving that day. A nice winterday in the last days of the year 2014. This are the moments i really love my job. Southwest of Germany, a small town named Aulendorf, where passengers may transfer to other trains and directions.

Landscape in Winter Part 3

I shot this picture of that landscape during my work, when train was driving slowly through this great nature area.


Between Christmas and New Year in  the Southwest of Germany

On Tour Pic 4

On Tour, at work with a train

Pic 4


shot with a cellphone

On Tour Pic 3

On Tour, with a train, at work

Pic 3


picture shot with a Nokia Lumia through the front window of a train.

On Tour Pic 2

On Tour, at work, with a train

Picture 2


shot with a  Nokia Lumia cellphone

Church in Monastery

The church of the Monastery in Maulbronn


Die Kirche im Kloster Maulbronn

Monastery Maulbronn

The Monastery in Maulbronn