Monastery Hirsau

Kreuzgang des ehemaligen Kloster in Hirsau



In the Black Forest, Southwest of Germany, there is a small town, named Hirsau. It has a former Abbey. Nice to walk between that ruins and imagine how the life  has been about 1000 years ago in this monastery.


Am Chiemsee


First days of fall 2016, Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany.

This picture i made in the second week of October, about 7.30 in the morning, with iPhone 5 S



November Nebel

November Nebel,

durch die verschmutzte Frontscheibe des Zuges betrachtet


A foggy morning, seen through the front window of a train,

picture was made with iPhone 5S

Germany, Southwest, Schwäbische Alb


Landscape in Winter Part 5

This is one of my favorite pictures. Because the view through my front window of my train is amazing. Picture shot with a Nokia Lumia.


Nice landscape in  the Southwest of Germany, in the last days of 2014. Fog over the tracks and a deep blue sky.

Landscape in Winter Part 4

Landscape in Winter, Part 4, shot from the engineer train through the front window of his train with a Lumia.


I had a break and made this photo from that train. The same class i am driving that day. A nice winterday in the last days of the year 2014. This are the moments i really love my job. Southwest of Germany, a small town named Aulendorf, where passengers may transfer to other trains and directions.

Landscape in Winter Part 3

I shot this picture of that landscape during my work, when train was driving slowly through this great nature area.


Between Christmas and New Year in  the Southwest of Germany

Landscape in Winter Part 2

Picture shot during my work with a Lumia.


The view from the engineer train in the last days of 2014, in Southwest of Germany

Landscape in Winter 1

Landscape in Winter. Picture was shot during driving a train. Used a Lumia.




I worked between Christmas and New Year. I t has a lot of snow in those days in the Southern of Germany.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain

On top of this monolith. In the background Atlanta, Georgia.

Nissan Titan

A Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan

Nice truck. Size matters. This car is not available in Europe. Because our streets are too small for that nice car.


Inside CNN


You may visit this building in Atlanta, Georgia and you can have a guided tour through the studios

General Lee

General Lee, Stone Mountain, Georgia

General Lee

Stone Mountain Park, near Atlanta


Gasoline price in the US in August 2014


Benzin. 3,28 $ per Gallone (1 Gallone is about 3.8 litres), means not even half price from that what is to paiy in most countries in Europe.

Interstate 240

East Interstate 240

Interstate 240







On Tour Pic 4

On Tour, at work with a train

Pic 4


shot with a cellphone

On Tour Pic 3

On Tour, with a train, at work

Pic 3


picture shot with a Nokia Lumia through the front window of a train.

On Tour Pic 2

On Tour, at work, with a train

Picture 2


shot with a  Nokia Lumia cellphone

On Tour Pic 1

On Tour, with a train at work,

Picture 1


shot with a lumia, cellphone


Tacho. Speedo


Picture shot with a cellphone.  In the drivers cabine from a train.