Old Sacramento

Wildwest in Old Sacramento

foto old Sacramento

It’s a good thing that they keept those area historical

Sacramento, California

The Lombard Street

Signs at the Lombard Street

jpg lombard street

The famous Lombard Street, in San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge

When i was a teenager, i dreamed often about this place. „One day, one day, i will standing there, in San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Bridge„.

It needed other 45 years more, getting there.

foto golden gate

I was deeply impressed. I was happy but inside fighting with tears. Travellers, i tell you the truth, this has been one of the best things ever i made in my life, going to that place.


Colorful Month

Colorful Month

October 2019

Very strong colors

I have been cycling and suddenly have seen those colorful trees in Reutlingen.



im September

Sie suchen die letzten Sonnenstrahlen im Spätsommer und sind alle in Richtung Sonnen ausgerichtet.

Sunflowers, searching the sun


Corte auf Korsika


A walk in Corte , Corse

Spaziergang im Bergdorf Corte

Santa Teresa Gallura

The bay from / die Bucht von

Santa Teresa Gallura

santa teresa pic

Sardegna, Sardinien, blue water


This sightseeing place is named


ruins foto

Not difficult to find out why its called Ruins. A nice place for relaxing, walking, making pictures and even to have your marriage there. It is a popular attraction between Bacolod City and Talisay, Philippines.

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

im Scheibengipfeltunnel Reutlingen



Scheibengipfeltunnel in Reutlingen

Tunnel foto

Pre opening for pedestrians