Whats this ?

Some questions and answers. Someting like FAQ about New PD Blog.
Why ?

Why not !

You like to make yourself always busy ?

No, not really.

So tell me why you created a new blog ?

I started the New PD Blog, because the software from former blog did not allow to write from other computers, except the “hellengine” at home. But if we are going somewhere, for exampel into holidays, maybe we like to write new entries. And so I surfed in the darkests corners of the www and I found incredible things. Things nobody has seen before….. Uuups, I lost the topic, what we are talking about ?

We are speaking about your blogging !

Oh, yes. Well than I tried to find onother software. After a few weeks I started with WordPress. Than I made the installation and shit happens… Because myself deleted the old PD Blog. Lucky that I found somewhere the BackUp and published it again.

A few weeks later, I remembered that I have still a second domain. So i risked it a second time to install WordPress. And “o wonder” it is working.

And so the old blog is not lost, and I continue to write here.

Thanks for the inteview and your openhearted words.

Well, give me 500.-$ and its o.k.