Monastery Hirsau

Kreuzgang des ehemaligen Kloster in Hirsau



In the Black Forest, Southwest of Germany, there is a small town, named Hirsau. It has a former Abbey. Nice to walk between that ruins and imagine how the life  has been about 1000 years ago in this monastery.


This sightseeing place is named


ruins foto

Not difficult to find out why its called Ruins. A nice place for relaxing, walking, making pictures and even to have your marriage there. It is a popular attraction between Bacolod City and Talisay, Philippines.

Nice Tree

Nice Tree

tree foot

This picture was made in the Philippines. I don’t know how this tree is called. But i think its very nice and the most surprising thing for me has been, that the needles are soft and standing


Das erste Rasthaus in Deutschland. The first roadhouse at German Autobahn, often named as Hitlers Rasthaus.

rasthaus photo

After WW II it was a recreation center for US-Forces at Chiemsee, than it was a few years empty and today it´s a renovated and modern clinic.